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Throughout high school, I never felt confident in my physique. I fluctuated from a 110-pound soaking wet cross-country running freshman to a 175-pound  baseball playing junior who stopped at a fast food joint every day. So you could say I wasn't very good at sports growing up, despite really wanting to be.

 What lowered my self-esteem even more was that I was often a favorite target among the stereotypical "popular kids" in school…receiving the butt end of all their jokes.


Junior year of high school, I officially started my fitness journey. I began with those Insanity DVD's featuring Shaun T, resulting in me losing about 5 pounds. Gaining the slightest bit of confidence, I decided to join my first gym. I soon dropped to 140 pounds thereafter by teaching myself how to use the weight machines, performing cardio, and researching how to eat more healthfully.


Upon achieving this weight loss, I turned away from the cardio, not really needing it anymore, and directed my attention towards performing proper weightlifting techniques. I went from the machines (having no idea what I was doing essentially) and eventually mustered up the courage to seek guidance from the "gym veterans". By asking other lifters how to perform particular exercises combined with research of my own, I was able to design my own workout and diet program, creating a solid muscular foundation for myself.


After realizing my fitness journey thus far shaped a burning desire to learn more, specifically the science behind it, I moved from my small-town life in Massachusetts and headed off to The University of Tampa to study Exercise Physiology. Within a few days of my studies, I proclaimed that this was the greatest decision of my life. I soaked up all the information like a sponge, enjoying every aspect this program had to offer me. It has provided me with scientific backing to what I was already doing, enhancing my results even further, resulting in me pushing myself to my current pursuit: a Masters Degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science.


With this increased passion, I pushed myself to compete in the largest amateur bodybuilding organization in the U.S known as the NPC (National Physique Committee). Not only has competing in this sport changed my body, but also shaped my mind; developing the determined, persistent person with an insatiable appetite for success I'm proud to be today. 


“Knowledge without application is utterly useless.”


Accomplish your goals with proven scientific principles with my guidance and expertise to achieve any fitness goal. You and I will work together, devising a plan that will cater these changes to your lifestyle. As cliché as it may sound, making fitness a lifestyle allows you to reap the rewards of everything it offers. After all, if it is not sustainable in your life, then how can you ever expect to get results?


As your coach, I'll guide you through every step of the way to accomplish your goals. I will answer any questions you may have, provide nutritional recommendations specifically tailored to YOU, provide motivation to keep pushing you through your training (even through the toughest times) and most importantly, EDUCATE you, on how to apply these newfound habits into your life. This journey is one that takes time and patience, but it is well worth it. After accomplishing various goals throughout my fitness journey, I am eager to share this fulfilling feeling of accomplishment as you step into your elite physique!






Zach Macdonald

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Online Coach

B.s Exercise Physiology

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